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  • Jon Cohen

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    This is my third week and even it being a short week due to Christmas I have made back my investment . The daily teaching, the online courses, and the ability to have 1 on 1 coaching is unique. I still have a lot to learn. However, I am confident that on this team it will happen.

  • Nikolay Georgiev

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    Josh and his Alpha Day Trading school, the Ultimate day trading course are really Impressive! Josh is one my Top favorite trading coaches i have followed. He has a lot of trading experience and has given a lot of effort to make his everyday teaching great.

  • Tyler Bundrick

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    Josh does a fantastic job of breaking down and analyzing stocks each day. He does it in such fashion that newbies can understand and keeps the experienced entertained at the same time. I love the free broadcast once a week!

  • Ralph Sledge

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    JOSH HOWERTON IS A SAINT! Josh is a great teacher and keeps things fresh and entertaining. Even though I do not Day Trade, I still use his methods and information to get a leg up on swings and long term holds. Keep up the good work, Josh, and much success in the future.

  • Don Johnson

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    I have invested for years. Josh shows you how to trade. Great communication. Tons of lesson videos. The chat is full of great people, sharing ideas. Well worth the value. If you do the work it will pay off in a short time. Unbelievable how much I have learned in a little amount of time