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  • What is the Alpha Community all about?

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    The Alpha Day Trading community is so much more than just the paying members in our private trading room. We have a large community on TikTok and a growing community on YouTube as well. Everyone from paid members to our members engaging with our free offerings is a member of our community and each of them contributes to the greatness of Alpha Day Trading.

    Whether you are in one of our free communities or our member community we value you and want to see you grow as a trader. We see all of you as part of one large community at different spots in your trading journey and we are proud to offer a safe, welcoming place for all traders to learn. Our community is one of the best because our members are not just here for themselves, they are helping one another with positive guidance, feedback, and strategies. Come join us, we’d love to have you as part of the team.

  • What makes this course better than the rest?

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    I created this course because I saw a need for an affordable alternative to the courses currently available on the market charging  thousands of dollars.

    The Ultimate Day Trading Starter Kit offers traders at any level the ability to access quality trading content at a price that will not break the bank.

    This was a product of my passion to change the industry for every day traders.


    The information provided in this course is designed to be easy to understand for all traders. There is no technical jargon without a clear explanation.

    The modules allow you to measure your growth in knowledge. Each module is designed to build on the knowledge of the previous modules.

    All of the lessons are available to view in any order, at any time, from any device. This gives you the ability to review lessons, refresh your understanding, or to keep moving forward and learning new concepts.

    This course is priced to be affordable so that you can incorporate the lessons into your trading rather than deciding between a course OR trading.

  • What is included in the Ultimate Day Trading Starter Kit?

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    What you get with the Starter Kit

    • Four modules with over 40 chapters
    • More than 15 hours of on demand videos
    • Easy to understand lessons made for anyone to follow along with
    • Lifetime access to the lessons